Mental Physix is a unique DJ/MC/Producer duo, known for defying musical genres, consisting of Crisanto Santa Ana (Santosha) & Dru Ali (Hyphen-Select). You can catch them on tour performing at yoga studios, music festivals and everywhere in between. The third eye is the invisible brow chakra thought to provide perception into esoteric, mystical domains. If there was a third ear, it would hear sounds similar to Mental Physix...

    Mental Physix presents their debut album...

    1. Gathering Medicine (feat. Stevin McNamara)
    2. Morning Walk
    3. Rockstar Sitars
    4. Cosmic Chants (feat. Mala Ganguly)
    5. Ganesha's Boom Baps
    6. Bhakti Love
    7. Ride Into The Desert (feat. Mala Ganguly)
    8. Hyperspace
    9. Mystic Recollections
    10. A Separate Reality (feat. Nick Young)

    1. Bhakti Love Remix (feat. Zaire Black, Kiyoshi & SriKala)
    2. Bhakti Love Remix (Instrumental)

Produced & Mixed by Mental Physix (Crisanto Santa Ana & Dru Ali) • Mastered by Stevin McNamara • Guitar on "Gathering Medicine" by Stevin McNamara • Sitar on "A Separate Reality" by Nick Young • Vocals on "Cosmic Chants" & "Ride Into The Desert" by Mala Ganguly • Cover Art by Shucks


Past Events

Art of Yoga • Bhakti Fest • Denver Yoga Festival • Design After Dark • Festival of Colors • Great SLC Yoga Fest • Lightning In A Bottle • Lucidity • Luminous Movement • Manta Mela • Naam Festival • Santa Fe Yoga Festival • Sedona Yoga Festival • Shakti Fest • Soulstice • Symbiosis Gathering • Telluride Yoga Festival • Veda Mela • V Elements • Vinyl Vinyasa + more...


Past Collaborations

Adri Kyser • Anton Mackey • Art Institutes • Be The Change • Becca Pati • Bhakti Yoga Shala • CorePower Yoga • Cristi Christensen • Cryptik Movement • Katie Brauer • Mark Whitwell • Mear One • Michael Whelan • Muzeo • One Down Dog • Red Jen • Riverside Art Museum • Salema Veliu • San Diego Museum of Art • Scott Winslow • Tantris • Tymi Howard + more...